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Research by IBM shows that 84% of Digital Transformation fail, while others claim that between 81% and even 93% of CX initiatives do as well.

Why? Mostly because of two factors: a broken culture and a broken infrastructure.

What do I mean by that?

Culture is about people and regardless of any digital initiatives, you’ll still need people to push the envelope. Secondly, the value chain is all about getting the right processes, systems, and structures in place to follow through on any promises made to customers.

This requires an integrated approach, front-to-back, to close the loop. To try and ‘solve’ it through technology alone isn’t just counterproductive, it is plain ignorant.

Similar to Total Football and Total Hockey, we might want to refer to this integrated approach towards creating and delivering value to the customer as “Total Company”, “Total Business”, or “Total Value Chain”. Or maybe incorporate words like closed-loop, value network or something else.

Love to read your thoughts/suggestions!

PS #1 – My way of looking at business has been integrative from the start. I’ve created the ROUNDMAP to describe the 360-degree customer lifecycle, the Customer Dynamics, not as a stand-alone but as an integrated part of the Corporate Dynamics.

You can view the image above as PDF here.

PS #2 – Customer Experiences, often driven by digital, are known to drive customer loyalty and retention. Should you focus your efforts on gaining more first-time customers or retaining more of them? And who should you hold on to? How much could you spend?

 You can view the image above as PDF here.


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