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Jeremy Gutsche, MBA, CFA, is a New York Times bestselling author, an award-winning innovation expert, “one of the most sought-after keynote speakers on the planet” (The Sun Newspaper) and the CEO of Trend Hunter — the world’s #1 largest, most popular trend firm with with 3 billion views from 140,000,000 people. Prior to Trend Hunter, Jeremy grew a $1 billion portfolio for a bank, and today, over 500 brands, billionaires and CEOs rely on his innovation keynotes, consulting and custom trend advisory to find BETTER ideas, FASTER, including Disney, Starbucks, Red Bull, Netflix, LEGO, Victoria Secret, Coca-Cola, IBM and Wells Fargo. He’s even helped NASA prototype the Journey to Mars!

Better & Faster Innovation Keynote
NYT Bestseller 6,500,000+ views

Disrupt or be Disrupted
New Jan 18 – 2,500,000+ views

Top 20 Trends / Futurist Keynote
The #1 Trend Video – 1,000,000+ views

2 Minute Documentary
History & Mission


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